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Open Source at Turk Telecom

Turkish telecommunications and technology service provider Turkcell has seen a 50-70% reduction in the cost of hardware servers using Red Hat OpenShift.

This responsive, cost-effective foundation means that Turkcell can develop and deliver innovative AI-powered services faster. As a result, the company can take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Turkcell wanted to improve their infrastructure to let them focus on new revenue opportunities.
It used Red Hat OpenShift to migrate to a fast, agile cloud environment
It’s seen a 50-70% reduction in hardware and server costs, and more resources can now be dedicated to innovation and delivery

The platform runs in a private cloud environment on NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs. These GPUs help speed AI data analytics, modeling, and inferencing tasks. The RedHat OpenShift NVIDIA GPU operator provides scheduling for these accelerated workloads.

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